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What is a root canal?
Why are root canals necessary?
What can I expect during treatment?
Is root canal therapy painful?
Will root canal therapy save my tooth?
Why might I need additional treatment?
What is endodontic surgery?
Why is follow-up so important?
Why not just pull the tooth?
What is a root canal?

Don’t let the words “root canal” send shivers up your spine. Most root canals are performed without pain during the procedure and without post-operative discomfort.

Endodontists means, literally, within the tooth itself. Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure which deals with the nerve of the root which is housed in a pulp chamber in the canal within the root. A root canal is performed when the nerve is too diseased or damaged to be saved and must be removed. Pulp disease usually means the loss of the tooth unless something is done to save it.

Root canal therapy involves replacing the diseased or dead pulp with a substance that will help preserve the function of the tooth. Modern techniques have made this toothsaving procedure much more comfortable than in the past.

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